Diary of a PR Amateur

Not So Fast | October 3, 2010

Well, I wouldn’t have believed it unless I had heard it myself, but it turns out that my current company thinks I am worth something after all. My boss (the VP of Marketing) came into my cube late last week and delivered the good news:

“Joe, we are giving you that raise you were looking for, and I’m happy to let you know that we’re bumping you up 7%. That’s higher than the average increase of 3% that we usually give, so you should feel really good about yourself.”

“Um, (VP of Marketing), I appreciate the gesture, but I thought you knew that I was expecting something more significant,” I said.

“Well, Joe, as I said, 7% is nothing to sneeze at.”

“Listen, (VP of Marketing), you and I would prefer for me to be spending my time developing relationships with the key media and analysts who cover our industry, rather than discussing my salary, so just bump it up 10% and we’ll both get back to work.”

You see, I figured at this point that I had all the leverage, so I decided to be more demanding.

“Sorry, Joe. 7% is all we can do.”

“Well, I’ll have to think it over,” I responded.

“That’s fine, Joe,” he said. “And when you have made your decision, we have more news for you as well, provided your decision is to stay.”

Wow! Maybe they’ll be promoting me, too …


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